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I've always been a fan of the simple comforts in life. Things like a soft blanket, a cup of hot chocolate, a unique centerpiece, or a familiar aroma wafting through the air. Things that both bring back great memories and that help create new ones for yourself and others.

My journey began simply, as many do, as an associate at the Hallmark store in Brockport. Unique gifts options were plentiful, but what always caught my eye were the unique glass items and the brilliance they conveyed. In addition, while I have always liked candles, when wax melts became a new popular item, I was instantly hooked and was always bringing home one new fragrance or another. After over a decade at Hallmark and an upward career to store manager, this part of my journey came to an unfortunate end with the closing of this location in 2010.

Not to be discouraged, and missing the wax products that I always enjoyed, I starting researching everything I could about aroma infused wax, the methods, the wax types, and every bit of information I could. I started out small and simple, making votives, but quickly realized when using them at home, that cats and candles continued to be a dangerous mix! So, I started testing with making melts of all shapes and sizes and found it to be not only a safer product, but an even more enjoyable experience to create them. This solidified my desire to create additional products that didn't require a flame, such as aroma sachets and the aptly named Smelly Jars.

As I became comfortable in my creations, with positive feedback with customers for years, I wanted to bring my love for the brilliance of glass into my line of items, again I took to fervently researching glass etching, the multiple methods, products, and design options. After years of providing many design options, and types of glass products, I decided to make my main focus the light up wine bottles you see here on my page. They encompass everything I want to provide from a gift; they're easy to maintain, make a brilliant centerpiece, and are available in unique or even custom designs. Couple this with one of the many aroma products offered here, and you've got a match that's primed to help create everlasting memories.

To Memories New and Old,


2017 Purple Painted Lady Festival in Macedon, NY

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